How can I fix a locked PayPal account after a sale?

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Went live with my business, first sale was through paypal, i think i messed up somewhere in the setup, long story short paypal locked my account, for missing information and not verifying who I was I think, I fulfilled the order, shipped it, tracked it and it was received by the customer. Had another transaction with visa and everything went good from start to finish. Talked to paypal at least 3 times and it was always escalated, last time it was escalated many days ago and I have had no more contact with them. Paypal has my money from this order. How can I resolve this!

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Hi there, @Thankyou1


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform and more importantly, congratulations on making your first sales! 


With regards to your inquiry, as much as we would like to assist, given that it refers to Paypal, another payment gateway apart from Shopify, your escalated tickets are already the best place to get support about this matter. 


I understand the need to resolve this urgently but the good news is that Paypal is already aware of the matter and once they are able to, they will respond with how best to move forward. I urge you to give them some more time to get this resolved for you but you are also more than able to inquire about any updates once enough time has passed. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi there,

I'm sorry for your issue. Honestly, I once experienced the same situation not in BFCM last year. It's obvious that sales season would bring more orders but PayPal suspected my increase in sales and therefore, did not verify those transactions. They hold my money for 4 months. 
I almost gave up at that time. Fortunately, I installed Synctrack which helped me automatically sync all of my order tracking numbers to PayPal, including the old orders that PayPal did not verify.
After a couple of hours, they confirmed my transaction and released my payment.
Without this incredible app, I might never receive my money. It saved my life and also reduces my work load a lot!

You can try it! Hope this helps