How can I get a refund from a non-responsive customer support?

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I wanted to share my recent experience with Shopify's customer support, or rather, the lack thereof. Despite my best efforts to cancel my subscription and request assistance, I found myself hitting a dead end with no response from their support team as the Shopify support link that was provided in settings wasn’t working so I was able to deactivate my account but not a refund.


I've spent considerable time trying to navigate their support channels, only to be met with silence and frustration. It's incredibly disappointing to encounter such poor customer service from a platform that prides itself on empowering businesses.

It’s essential for me to choose a platform that not only offers robust features but also provides reliable and responsive customer support.

If anyone has had similar experiences or has advice on how to navigate this situation and contact support, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

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Support has always been great from my experience, i always prefer to speak on live chat and is always answered promptly.