How can I improve my store's page speed performance?

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For our store google page speed insights show performance score very low.

We need to bring up the performance score to 90


Need help. Store link is

Screenshot below that you can also check


P.S No paid services. Help is help so please help if any one can ! 



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If you scroll down on the pagespeed insights page it will give you all the information you need. You will just need to go through each one of the red or yellow issues and see if you can do what it tells you. 

Reduce unused JavaScript
Enable text compression

These are the things that will increase your pagespeed results. 

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Can you help doing it please


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Hi there,

i will increase your performance score above 90 but it is paid service. 

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Apparently not paid service required. Need genuine assistance

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You're asking for people to work on your store for free?

We could help with JS compression and getting your store from 43 to 80+ speed, but good technical SEO costs money dude.

No free lunch.