How can I maintain my product selection during multiple actions in my workflow?

How can I maintain my product selection during multiple actions in my workflow?

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Hi. I have a feature request. Context below.


I have a daily workflow that requires me to check for restocked products, make them visible to all sales channels, and then add them to our Back in Stock collection.


A long time ago, it used to be that I could checkbox all the restocked items (hidden from sales channels, has stock). I'd click on the action to make them visible. They would be made visible AND REMAIN CHECKED. Then I would click on the action to add them to the collection. Voila, done.


However for a while now, whenever I have to apply multiple actions to the same set of products, I have to RE-CHECK EVERY ITEM OVER AGAIN, essentially having to perform each action separately. 


Imagine, you have sorted your products dash page for items hidden from all sales channel + sorted by inventory highest. You see 28 random products back in stock. For whatever reason, they are not listed in a block, so you have to manually checkbox most of them. So do so, then apply add to back in stock collection. The action performs, and in doing so UNCHECKS all of your selections. COOL. Now you have to RE-CHECK those 28 products manually again to perform the 2nd action of the workflow, which is inclusion for all sales channels. 


Rather than application of an action on selected products clearing the selection, can our selected products remain checked until we uncheck them? 



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Hey, @M_R1 


Thanks for reaching out. We really appreciate your input on suggesting the capability to perform multiple bulk actions from the same product selection without it resetting. I understand why having this sort of functionality would be beneficial to your workflow.

Although we don't have a timetable on this being considered to roll-out as a feature, we certainly appreciate the feedback. This helps us steer the direction of the Shopify to continue developing a feature rich platform.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Not sure whether you might be interested in a 3rd party app to solve this, but I built out a workflow to automatically add recently restocked items into a collection:


We should be able to also include publishing to any channels that you need to from within that flow.