How can I manage inventory based on fabric options only?

How can I manage inventory based on fabric options only?

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Hello. I’m looking for a way to have my inventory based off of one of my 3 options. For example, I have size, style and fabric.  I want my inventory to reflect only the fabric choices. What I have now is it the inventory displays for each variant which is 100 variants. 
Etsy has this option and I’m hoping to have this option for my shopify shop. 

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Hi @lizjones89,

I've got a straightforward solution for your situation 🤗:

  1. Start by setting up your product with just the Fabric option. Specify the inventory for each Fabric variant, and skip creating Size and Style options.

  2. Next, install the Easify Product Options app (which comes with a free plan). Use it to create your Size and Style options and link them to the relevant products.

By doing this, you ensure that the core product inventory, determined solely by the Fabric, remains tidy and uncluttered. Meanwhile, your customers still get the freedom to choose their preferred Size and Style without affecting the main product inventory.

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