How can I pause my store and retain all data?

How can I pause my store and retain all data?

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Good afternoon.

I need to suspend my store for a while.
But from December 15, 2021, the "Pause" tariff plan is not available.
Tell me, if I upgrade to the “start a new store” plan, can I then resume access to my store and all data?

Could you help me find the answer here?
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Hi there @serhii3221.

You are correct that our fully paused was deprecated from 15th December, however we do still have access to our pause and build plan. To be eligible for this plan,  your store needs to be on a paid plan and at least 60 days past the free trial period. If your store doesn't meet these criteria, then you can't pause your store. 

When you use the Pause and Build plan, your store continues to run at a reduced cost of $9 USD per month. You can access your Shopify admin and edit your products when you need to, but your checkout is disabled. This means that customers can review your products, but they can't purchase them. While you're on the Pause and Build plan, you can do the following:


  • Access your Shopify admin.
  • Access basic reports about your site's performance.
  • View your online storefront.

While your store is paused, you can't use online store checkout, POS, discounts, abandoned checkout recovery, gift cards, or third-party integrations such as Facebook and Google to publish your products. You can send draft order invoices, but the customer won't be able to complete the checkout process and draft orders can't be converted to live orders. If you feel this is right for you, here is what you need to do:


  1. Log in to your store as the store owner.

  2. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Plan.

  3. Click Pause or deactivate store > Pause and build plan.

  4. Carefully review the plan details, and then click Switch to Pause and build.

Your store will be paused and running at for a reduced subscription fee. If you want to start selling products again, then you can reopen your store at any time by choosing a new plan.

You mentioned selecting "start a new store", I do just want to be clear that choosing this option means you will be opening an entirely new store rather than transferring your current store to a new plan so your current work/data will not transfer over here. 

Knowing which plan works for you depends on what your plans are - what do you hope to achieve with your store? Why do you feel the pause plan is right for you at the moment? 

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