How can I promote only the parent SKU on Google Shopping?

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I have all of my products synced to show on google but they have all been uploaded by the individual SKU (for example a single shoe is uploaded as Size 6, Size 7, Size 8 etc.) instead of under the Parent SKU. 


This is causing me issues because I am wanting to promote some products but don't want to sponsor every single SKU as just want the parent SKU promoted. 


Does anyone know how to have just the parent SKU showing and not all the individual sizes? 



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There are many ways to exclude products.


You can exclude the products from publishing in the Shopify app


You can add the excluded destination attribute in a supplement feed within Google Merchant Center.


You can subdivide your products in Google Ads, to only choose the products you want to advertise.


So many ways to accomplish the same end result.


However, generally adding all variants is best so that the user who is searching for specific sizes, allows you to show the shoe in the same size. Increasing the chances of a sale.

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