How can I refund customers to their e-wallet for future use?

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How can I return the money to the customers e-walle and keep it in the e-wallet ?
I do not want to return the money for customers, but I want to keep it in their e-wallet for later use it

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Hi @NaimEtmeh,


What payment gateways do you have enabled on your store? What payment gateway is this e-wallet you refer to?


Please note that when you issue a refund on the order page, the funds are sent back via the original payment method that was used when the order was placed. For example, if a customer paid via their credit card the funds will be automatically refunded to their card. You cannot manually enter in a bank account or any payment method when refunding a customer.

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I use Stripe and Tabby,
The idea is that when the customer wants to recover the products, I do not want him to be able to return the money directly to his account,I want to keep it in his Shopify wallet so he can use the money next Amazon or Noon

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Ah. My misunderstanding. Sorry.
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Is there any solution?

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Maybe use the gift card feature that carries the refund amount?  

They should be a customer on your store.  Make sure their email is on the customer record so it will email them the code they can use on their next purchase.  Because once the gift card creates a code, you do not see the code again. (see below for a painfully detailed explanation, sorry).


Warning... BEFORE you save it, I suggest copying the very long, cryptic code into the notes field, along with their name and any other info that

will help you remember why you created it.  As soon as it is saved,  the code that is assigned is blanked out except for the last few digits.  When

the customer goes to use it, many times they do not have the info with them.  If the notes have info that you relate is easier to find. 

I believe if you want a more 'friendly' code, you can write over the code they generate, but the distinct info you want needs to be at the end of the code
since the bulk of the beginning of it is blanked out. Or you could add something on the end of their code to differentiate it for you.

It gets a little complex, especially if someone buys something that is sent to someone want the 'return' amount to be for the recipient.

We use the Notes block for that info in case we need to look it up for the customer when they go to use it.

As an example

    ...a code Shopify may generate for a gift card is kdymbp7wpgr9t7ww

    ...once you 'save' the card, this is what is displayed   t7ww  as the code (the last 4 digits) can never see that code again.  Makes sense as it is secure for the customer..but can be a headache if you need to look up again.

    ...if you put the customer info and notes that will help you, it might make it easier if you do a search.  It gets pretty frustrating to find sometimes.  


Hope this wasn't too confusing.  Just go play with the gift card function (under Products).  You'll figure out a way. Good luck. 



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A bit of a simpler solution to solve that problem that I just created is here:
Basically, you can create discount codes for refunds right off the Order page. And the code doesn't disappear either, and is memorable. 🙂 And acts as a wallet until the customer has spent the credits.
On the plus side, it makes more sense as a refund compared to using a gift card, because this is technically nothing to do with a gift.