How can I resolve a chargeback for a delivered order?

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I noticed I was charged back for an order worth $765 for 3 pairs of shoes that were bought. I shipped them to the address listed. Provided tracking number. There is a picture from fed ex showing delivered. Tracking number says delivered.  Order #says “we charged you back in favor of the customer, the customers bank has reviewed the chargeback and sided with them. How do I get my shoes or my money back? So annoyed. 

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  1. Collect Information: Gather order details, tracking number, and proof of delivery.

  2. Contact Customer: Politely ask the customer about the chargeback and if they received the shoes.

  3. Check Payment Processor: Review payment processor details and understand the reason for the chargeback.

  4. Respond to Chargeback: Work with the payment processor to dispute the chargeback, providing all evidence.

  5. Review Policies: Check and reinforce your business policies, ensuring clear documentation.

  6. Directly Contact Processor: If unresolved, contact the payment processor directly for further assistance.

  7. Legal Advice: Consider seeking legal advice if other options prove ineffective.

  8. Prevent Future Chargebacks: Implement measures to reduce future chargebacks, such as improving communication and updating policies.

Be patient and persistent throughout the process, documenting each step. If needed, legal advice may provide further guidance.

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Hi there @FilthyRoots!


Sorry to hear you've had a difficult time with a chargeback inquiry in your store.


These inquiries are initiated and decided by the customer's bank or card provider and are not carried out by us here at Shopify.


It sounds as though you were able to respond in this case with evidence in your favour, but for future reference check out our guide to managing chargebacks here


Ultimately these processes are arbitrated by the customer's financial institute and they often find in favour of their customers.


All you can do in this situation is to provide the evidence you have when responding to the chargeback.

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Don,

I just got word that a chargeback was given in favor of the customer despite proof that the card was only charged once. This was an in store interaction that we remember specifically because the customer didn’t want to tap his card a second time (first time did not go through). 

Shopify needs to take responsibility for helping the merchant when you are the facilitator of the card processing. Not only did we lose a highly valuable item from an in-store customer who tapped (we were never in possession of his card to charge it twice), we have proof that there was an authorization then a charge, not two charges. 

Saying your hands are tied because the bank often sides with the customer is a cop out. Shopify hosts small businesses who get hurt by customers fraudulent or uninformed claims. Then we get charged a $15 chargeback fee in addition to losing inventory? I call BS. Shopify needs to step up to intervene.


Don, I’d like to speak with someone ASAP