How can I set up annual birthday discount codes for email subscribers?

How can I set up annual birthday discount codes for email subscribers?

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I'm having trouble trying to find a way to configure discount codes to my email subscribers for their birthday.  I'd like the code to be used once per year within 48 hours after their birthday.  The only option within Shopify that I see is "Limit one use per customer".  I'd like it to be one use per customer per year, with everyone having the same discount code (that seems easiest).  If anyone has any direction that'd be greatly appreciated!

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I'm Aria, a Social Care guru at Shopify.

The simplest way I know to automate Birthday discount codes would be to use the Happy Birthday Email Discounts app. It will send a unique Birthday email with a single-use discount code to each customer.

You can certainly stick with manual discount creation but there isn't an option natively in the admin to create a discount code that limits the use to once per customer per year. I guess the easy workaround would be to create a new discount code for each calendar year. HAPPYBIRTHDAY2019, for example. That way, it could be used once per customer during 2019 and the code expires at the end of the year, to be replaced with a new code for 2020. It does mean the customer could use the code at any point throughout the year. Using the app would certainly be more sophisticated and it seems more special when they can only use it near their Birthday.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi, I came across this reply from last year. 

I was wondering if there's a free app or a cheaper way to keep the birthday e-mails going? 


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Hey, @StudioVaia!

Good thing you asked! We do have new apps joining us all the time. 

Gratisfaction is an all-in-one loyalty program which can do a lot of things, including birthday rewards. It's free for up to 100 users then they have different plans available after that. ReConvert is another option that has lots of features including birthday emails and SMS. If it's only the birthday feature you're looking for, Wish Happy Birthday Email allows you to send birthday emails for up to 1000 users for $5 per month. It gets more expensive when you have more contacts. 

You can find more loyalty apps here if you'd like to browse. 

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I have shopify plus and mailchimp, but don't want to have to pay for loyalty lion, etc... 

IS there a way to create a shopify flow or any other way to automatically create a discount code on a customer's birthday that i can then send via mailchimp?

Thank you! 

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Hey @Aria, I have the exactly the same issue. I think shopify shall be able to integrate this in shopify flow, as it can be very helpful. 

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Curiously Shopify has released anniversary segments that can calculate customers based on relative dates +-days

Yet they are not really easy to integrate with flows, the emails would still need to be sent manually and the discount reviewed after some time. We wrote a bit about it in this article, if anybody has feedback or a better method it'd be great to hear.

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