How can I suggest a discount product when one is added to the cart?

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I enable Buy 1 Get 1 discount on my store for a specific category. So I want when customer add to cart one product on the Product page , Customer will get suggestion of discount product. Website Link:

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Hi Shifatmolla, I am Jonas.
You have a good idea for your store and people I think.

I know your meaning, we need tips to people that they can add another related product so that they can save more, after people have added one product into cart.

You can see my video below to confirm the process, or you can preview my store to experience the process:
Develop One Feature of Shopify Store 

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Feel free to let us know what you really want to change for your client.

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Hi @shifatmolla,


You can try Buy X Get Y discount with ConnectPOS which is quite straightforward. You can set up the rule, and the system will automatically apply it. ConnectPOS is available on the Shopify Marketplace, so you might want to explore its demo.