How can I switch from a .ca to a .com domain only?

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Hi! i have two domains active. one is .ca in the moment and i created a .com one that only redirects to the .ca. how can i remove my .ca domain subscription and use only the .com one ?


at the moment, entering the .com one changes the readable url to the .ca one automatically. basically, i'd love to not have to pay for both and for the .com one to be displayed, always, only. Thanks!

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Assuming you purchased the domains through Shopify, then you can access your domains at: Settings --> Domains


Here you will see a list of your domains. Select the .com domain and press "change domain type" and then select "Primary domain"



Once you've done that all of your different domains will automatically redirect to your primary domain.


If you don't want to keep your .ca domain, you can simply not renew after your subscription is up and let it expire. You can do this by selecting your .ca domain, scroll to the bottom, and uncheck the Auto-renew box.


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