How can I temporarily pause sales for specific collections?

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Hi folks,

I would like to temporarily pause the sales on a couples of collection (hats) whilst allowing sales on other collection ( online tutorials) on my website without putting the whole website on vacation mode. I am currently unable to fulfil the sending of the hats as I am away.
I have tried a couple of ideas ( remove available products=SOLD OUT) But don't like this.

Can I remove the sales buttons temprarily?


thanks.. Any ideas welcome

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Few options:


(1) Hide/unpublish all products within the collection(s) that you want to pause sales on. 


(2) Create a new product page template ( where the 'add to cart' buttons are removed, and then manually assign the new template to each product within these collections. Then when you want to 'unpause' sales on those products, you just need to switch their templates back and you're good to go. 


(2b) What might be easier, depending on how many products you want to sell (ex. online tutorials), is to make a new product page template just for the tutorials, and then assign the tutorials to the new template. Then for the rest of your products, using the 'default' template, you can hide the 'add to cart' buttons while you're gone, and then unhide them when you're back.


(3) Enable the 'storefront password' for your store, while you're away, which will prevent anyone from viewing your site while you're gone. 


I would personally recommend going with option #2, as the other options could both negatively impact your SEO rankings on search engines. 

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