How can I transfer 14,000 products from Woocommerce to Shopify for free?

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  • I want to transfer my woocommerce products to Shopify store by losing the products on woocommerce as well.
  • The products are 14000 (14 thousand).
  • CSV import is not effective i have done this
  • Any plugin or app which is free of cost...?
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If you aren't able to import your products using a CSV file, then you would have to hire someone or use a paid service to migrate the products for you. 


If you're trying to do things via CSV file, then you need to make sure the CSV you're importing is in the proper format that's accepted by Shopify -- otherwise you'll have issues. 


Beyond formatting your CSV file to work with Shopify's format, there wouldn't be any other 'free' way to do this. Any Shopify Expert/Partner, or migration tool/service, will cost you money. 

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