How can I view the full 15 digit gift card code in Shopify?

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How can I see the full 15 digit unique gift card code in shopify. I can only the 4 digit code in issue gift card section  and also from API. Please help.

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Hello @surajit1 , 


You can see all 15 digit unique gift card code by exporting CSV file: 

  • Go to Shopify admin -> products 
  • Choose gift cards -> export -> select Gift card codes
  • Open the downloaded CSV file and you should see a column called "Code". This column should contain the full 15-digit unique gift card codes.

Hope this can help you out. Let us know if you need any further support.

OneCommerce team.


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Hi @surajit1 we're facing the same issue. I would like to get a list of 50 gift card codes I created. To share with a 3rd party that is selling them for our store. When exporting through CSV we only get a column called: Last Characters. The column shows just 4 and not the full code we need.

Please advise. Thanks, Team Lexx

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This is a limitation of the Shopify gift card app. If you want to see the entire gift card code you would need to use a third party gift card app. This is something my app iziGift gives you access to.