How can we improve bulk editing with default fields?

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This is a suggestion for Shopify to add the ability to set default fields for the bulk editor. Adding the same columns that typically need to be edited every single time is tedious and seems like a no brainer for Shopify to incorporate the ability to set your default columns that you need to edit. Also I am a part of the updated bulk editor and it would be much better if you could reorganize the columns and adjust their width if needed.


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Hey @rspvhi,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm more than happy to share your suggestions regarding the functionality of the bulk editor with our Developers. We are always looking for ways to improve the platform and appreciate the feedback!


While we cannot guarantee this change or provide an estimated time frame for any updates, the more notes made on the topic will increase its likelihood for change. Please let me know if you have any other feedback, as I'm happy to make additional notes.


Blair | Shopify 
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I was literally just looking for how to do this because I always have to open columns and check/uncheck to get the fields I want for EVERY item. So tedious! Please, please develop a way for us to create our own default fields in Open Bulk Editor!

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Yes for me too, this should be there on day one without the need for another app!

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Yes please, this would help a lot!! Thanks 😊

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It has been almost a year and a half. Any word on letting us edit the default columns in bulk edit?

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Ditto. Or at least let save the last setting. Changing it each time is ridiculous!

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It was saving your preferences before the update , strange !!

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I agree with you completely, it's super annoying the amount of clicks you even have to do to make this tool usable. I am here as well because i'm tired of the scrolling and 3+ clicks it takes to do bulk product editing. It appears shopify has little interested in helping people who administer stores heavily. Instead they focus only on larger ideas that will gain them new customers. Really the whole admin area needs a lot of help. It's slow and clunky. Sorry to be so harsh but I need to spend time running my small business, not clicking around in shopify admin. 

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Definitely agree that this should be a functionality. Please fast track this! 

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Another +1 for this feature, have clients that have a tough time using the bulk editor because they have to change the column filters every time.

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+1 here too. At least keep the last view in memory. Some default columns are pretty useless (for me: 'compared to price') while some other are useful and not apearing in the drop menu everytime (cost per item) ...

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Agreed this needs to happen!!!

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+1 for me.

While you are at it Shopify, when you have an agent reply to a thread you should also provide a mechanism for users to up-vote on upgrade requests so you can get feedback from us on specific improvements beyond these thread comments.


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Yes this function needs to happen asapppppppppp!!

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I note this issue was raised in October 2022.  Is this still the case as we too have this issue?  If so, WHY is this still an issue?  This is a no brainer.

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Yes!! Like so many others.  This is a time sucking task that should be easily fixed just to be able to have default settings I hardly EVER need locations but ALWAYS need the compare to Price.  PLEASE help us get more done in much less time and frustration.

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Feb 24 and no update and I agree it is a pain having to set everytime you want to use it. Should be easy enough for a dev to allow a default option

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