How can we limit constant changes to the admin page?

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Can you stop making small insignificant changes to the admin page please? They are not helpful and just becoming a nuisance.

Thank you.

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I would have to agree. We typically will have 100 variants per product page and now if if need to make a change to an individual variant I have to arrow through multiple pages up to 10 times instead of seeing all variants at once to click. Shopify constantly adds additional clicks to our work process without thinking how it will affect us the users everyday. I have asked if there's anyway to revert to the old format and of course there isn't. We use to work on specific variants in bulk edit of the product page and now we have to do 1 page at a time to select the specific variants since you can't select and change the page to select, it deletes and allows only 1 page at a time or all variants. Make all variants visible, please.

We still haven't had the search bar open on the product page and have to click "f" or the magnifying glass, again; additional click.

Our Time is so limited to start with to manage of store and Shopify keeps taken more of it.