How does Shopify Markets compare to Glopal for international e-commerce?

How does Shopify Markets compare to Glopal for international e-commerce?

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Hello Community Members,

I hoping to seek your valuable insights and experiences regarding Shopify international e-commerce solutions. Specifically, I'd like to hear from those who have used Glopal for their international translated websites and sales and have now switched on to Shopify Markets.


We've been using Glopal for a few years now before Shopify Markets was available, and while it has its merits and did increase our international orders, we've encountered a challenge that's become a significant concern. The postage options provided to our international customers seem to be rather expensive, and it's acting as a barrier that's hindering the completion of sales. We also have / had issues with hreflang tag.

We're keen to explore alternatives or potential solutions to address this issue, so any advice or experiences you could share in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


Additionally, I'm curious to know more about Shopify Markets. Is it user-friendly and easy to set up for international operations? How effective is it for marketing in the various countries?




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Hi @TimboH3at5,


even though I don't have much experience with Glopal (see it's hard for me to compare it with Shopify markets), I think that Shopify has done a lot when it comes to localizing your store using Shopify markets.


For me, Shopify markets are easy to set up. Thanks to Shopify markets, you can configure specific settings for each market such as language, domain, currency (if using Shopify payments), available products, pricing, import taxes, duties, shipping options, and else.


What's super cool is that you can also adapt your theme for specific markets. To give you an example, you can show a section on homepage (or any other page) only for market A, but not for market B.


I wrote an article a while ago that covers Shopify markets topic as well as selling worldwide through multiple store structure. If interested, here is a link: Cross-border selling: Choosing between Shopify Markets and multi-store Shopify structure.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks Niki, I will take a look a the article 🙂 and if there is anyone else out there that has experience the same developments with Glopal please let me know.

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From what I've heard from several people in the industry, postage options/price was the main issue. Most of them switched to Shopify Markets some months ago and I don't remember anyone complaining or encountering any issues. So basically, I can confirm there are people who have been in the same situation as you and things have improved after the switch. Hope things are going well and good luck with your store!