How does the EU translation feature work in paid themes?

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Hey everyone,


I'm currently thinking about getting a new paid Theme, even tho they're very expensive imo (currently looking at "Symmetry" for 360$). Considering it includes EU translations changes my perspective tho, I pay 20$ a month for translations. If that cost would be erased it would make the overall price a good deal.


Now my question is, does anyone have a theme with this EU translation feature and can tell me how it works? Does it translate automatically? Which app does it run through? Can you translate custom liquids?


Thanks in advance!


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It's not quite like this. 

The theme will have translations for it's own messages like "Add to Cart", "Cart", "Search" etc.

(I believe any theme from the theme store including free ones will have translations for it's own texts.)

Themes themselves can't do automatic translations. Though some may automatically redirect your visitors to a different language version of your site.


If your current theme is ancient and was developed before Shopify introduced internationalisation tools or you've got your theme from elsewhere you could use the app to translate theme texts (like "add to cart") on the fly -- you would not need this if you switch to a new theme from the Shopify theme store.


You'd still need an app to support translating your (for example) product descriptions, but should be ok with free Shopify own app for this. 

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