How long does Shopify take to reactivate a business account?

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Hello everyone:

Kindly tell me that how to reopen my new Business LLC Based Shopify account because I got suddenly inactivation on my new Business Shopify account and Shopify demand me some legal documents for verification for reactive my Shopify account but I provided all the documents to them from about 3 days ago and from that day I am still waiting for reopening of my account and one last important thing is that they are not telling me a proper date for reopening of my Shopify account.

Kindly tell me that is there any kind of person present here which is facing or have a bad experience like this in the past and also tell me that how much time Shopify takes for completion of these kind of Problems because an experienced person can tell about these kinds of problems more Clearly.

Kindly tell me the exact time so I will get relax about this account.

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