How to add a textbox on a product page?

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Hi I would like to highlight some key points about my product like the image beneith.


I already tried making an image with these textboxes, but it doestn't contain the right size, even when i keep editing the size in canva and it looks a little blurry, so any help with this?

Store: PW: ebloui

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Hello @Ébloui 


Please try using SVG they dont get blurry. But if you want to create a complete section similar to the image then it needs to be hardcoded for the theme. So please seek help of developer at reasonable rate. Lemme know if you need one.



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I'm not sure how you added the images, but one way to do it would be to use a custom liquid block, and then insert code to load the images with some CSS styling so that the images render in the right size.

Hope that helps.



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