How to add my own video to product page (Not youtube video)

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Hello Everyone,


I made a product video on my camera and now I want to add this video to my product page. I could not find a way to add the video. There is an option to add youtube video with embed code but how can I add my own video?


Looking forward to this problem

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This is difficult and not working for me i could use some help

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Hi Brian,

Are we able to upload videos greater than 20MB? We have videos larger in size and most around 30-40MB.


Kevin Shah


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Hi. Thanks for answer and it works well! I'd like to know if I could edit the code and make the video play automaticatily in my website?

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Hi, is there any way to customize the controls of the video ? Like autoplay and muted

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Well, there are a lot of Shopify apps that help you embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, IGTV, and whatnot but a lot of them don’t have a feature where you can add videos of your own.

I was thinking of the same feature lately, I just shot a couple of product videos with a white backdrop and felt like it’s better to add these videos to my online store rather than social channels. The reason being, I wanted to create a sense of exclusivity when my visitor comes to my online store. I didn’t want them to see the same thing they saw on YouTube or Instagram.

But I was also wondering, what if adding videos to my online store will lower my page load speed? And reducing my online store’s loading speed is the last thing I would want to have.

There are a couple of apps that allow you to add videos of your own but they don’t have a feature that could help you with adding videos from channels like YouTube or Instagram.

And if you’re just starting out I am sure you wouldn’t want to have multiple apps just to add videos.

After hunting for the app that could help me add videos and asking my friends for it, I came across Videowise. It simply allows you to add your own video on the product/landing page, it fetches videos from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other channels.

It's quite simple to set up and allows you to add videos of your choice in just a few clicks. I am still on the FREE trial, but yeah this week I am planning to upgrade it to a paid version. I hope I don’t regret even a single penny spent on it lol.

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It worked! Very easy

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Hey! I used your link and worked great for single video. I ideally want to put 3 videos next to each other side by side. Any advice on how to achieve that? Thanks!