How to delete my account if 2 factor authentication fails?

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Shopify is pure garbage and the site refuses to allow me to set up 2 factor authentication.  I need the DIRECT email address to get Shopify to delete my account and information forever.

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You can deactivate the store yourself, if you no longer want to use it.



  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Plan.
  • Click Deactivate store.
  • If applicable, then review the options to switch to the Pause and build plan, or start a new store.
  • If you still want to deactivate, then click Deactivate store.
  • Select a reason for the deactivation, and then click Continue.
  • Enter your password, and then click Deactivate now.

Once the above has been done, your store will be closed, and you will no longer be billed for it. 


If you need help with this, then you would need to reach out to Shopify's support via the live chat widget on the right-hand side of the help page ( Type in "I want to talk with a real person" ... and then follow the prompts to initiate a chat with a support agent. 


There is no email address that Shopify provides for contacting support directly via email. All support is done via the chat these days. 

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