How to export customer registration data with ski lesson purchases?

How to export customer registration data with ski lesson purchases?

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I built a site for a Ski Team where they sell essentially ski lessons. 


For each lesson that is purchased the customer must fill out a registration/consent form for their child. I used an App called Magical Form fields it adds the form answers as a line item on the product so when they checkout I can see their order on the backend with the form.. (screenshots attached for reference) 


Now the issue I am facing is I need to be able to export the orders so that I can build a roster for all the registrations IE. Timmy is registered for the Saturday program and so on and so forth however when I export the orders the only thing that shows is the customer information what product they bought, it does not show who they registered for the program. 


The app doesn't allow for the data to be passed into the order so what I am needing help on is figuring out how I can pass this data to each order so I can easily view it in a spreadsheet when I export. I have some coding skills and am wondering if there is a better way to associate the registration form for each program purchased so that I can access the data when its submitted? 


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Mara reg.png

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Hi there, this can be done with the creation of a private app, or with the config of a paid app. Here is an example of an app that can export the line item info for you.


Let us know if you need a hand.


Take care.


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Hi @hukaslart 

If you are open to use a third party app I would recommend our App DataChamp for exporting your custom attributes and metafields. Here is a tutorial that describes how to set up this usecase! You could also schedule your reports daily for example, so you can directly create your roster without exporting something manually! I hope this helps you! If you need any support with the set up just contact as at

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hi @hukaslart ,


Since you are already using an APP would recommend to go for a custom APP that will allow you to export any data from the order.


The form fields for which you are using can also created into that as well.




We can custom code the form in the theme which will save the data as APP is doing currently, then you can use Xporter Data APP to export the data.


Let me know if you have any further queries.

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