How to handle exchanges for my online store

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I spoke to someone at Shopify and they basically said this will not be a feature that they are working on. They said that the best app for this is Returnly and it is more likely that they would integrate returned with their system rather than building out a proprietary feature because returnly essentially is doing it better than they are able to.

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I'snt that nice of Shopify to offer a paid service to us as a fix for a
foundational element of a transactional based consumer business. Really
such a great strategy, we will HAPPILY process your payments and take a
fee, but when it comes to making exchanges happen go buy it from someone
else. Shopify is the general contractor of e-commerce platforms. Hey we
made this cool e-com platform that does almost what you need, and then we
allow other people to charge you for most other features so we dont have to
spend time developing or improving our platform. All we care about is our
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not our user experience. Someone close this stupid thread
out already.
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How come whenever I have a seemingly really basic question and look at the forums for answers instead I find YEARS of people looking for the same answer yet there still isn't one. Shopify is considered one of the largest and most successful e-commerce platforms out there, yet we still struggle with so many basic functions??? I had switched over from WIX last year as my business grew thinking this was the right decision and yet it seems like there's nothing but issues. I have tried so many different ways to enact a successful exchange or to edit an order once it's come in (since customers make mistakes) and all have been messy in both accounting and inventory. Why am I made to refund a customer for a returned item and then sending them an invoice to charge them again for a different size? That is so impractical for both the customer and shop owner.

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The reason that I have come to learn is that Shopify deems certain aspects
of their platform as “not their problem” and keeps their app eco system
alive by allowing developers to charge you recurring fees each month to
solve most of the basic needs of a transactional e com platform.

Shopify will never fix the lack of a proper exchange workflow because it’s
not important to their success as a platform when they can just tell you
“there’s an app that will solve your problem". They will however charge
you per transaction, charge you for the platforms use, and allow developers
to charge to plug the holes they have intentionally left open. If Shopify’s
developers just started listening to the forums and plugging holes there
would no longer be a need for apps, which again they profit largely off of.
It’s a way to charge you for a third party to fix their software.

It’s the intent of Shopify to keep the foundation of the platform extremely
simple, charge you at every single corner, and build an eco system of add
ons to make the platform work for any real e com business.
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I agree with you and even though the monthly subscription game is ridiculous on it's own, the main issue is that almost all of the 3rd party software I've tried doesn't even do the function that you are paying them to do! Even if you know exactly what you want, they make searching for these functions extremely difficult and riddled with ads for software that has nothing to do with what you're looking for...then the pricing system for any of them is even more vague. You try it out, it doesn't work right, then the developers rarely care to even answer you and shopify just wipes their hands clean of the whole thing.

My question is what's the better e-commerce platform option that doesn't do all this nonsense or are they all similarly frustrating?

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So what if I don't have stock?  I'm purely dropshipping with an online store.  Is there any way to process an exchange?