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How to limit the amount or products and max spend for customer accounts

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Hi Guys

We are using Shopify for our staff shop and we have restrictions on how many products staff can use and also how much they can spend per financial year.

Is there a way or an App that will allow us to put limits on customer accounts (not just orders) for the amount of products they can purchase and also how much they can spend, within a certain time (we would like to re set these restrictions per calendar year).

We already use the MinMaxify App but this only limits a single order and does not take into account the customers purchase history.

Thanks for any help you might have!

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Bump! Would also like to know if there is a solution here. Most apps with an auto-tag functionality for spend also only use lifetime spend as the variable - not option for specified date range. This would be a great feature.

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Hi, We are looking for an app to do this, did you find anything?