how to make a new post to the shopify community ?

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how to make a new post to shopify community ?

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I also simply can't find out how to do this xD

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same situation here

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When viewing the main 'Shopify Community' page, there are several boards you can choose from. The first couple are 'Announcements' and 'Discussions'. You can't start a topic in those, but you can choose from other boards below them on the list.

For example, if you click on 'Feedback on my store', you'll be taken to that specific board where you can 'Start A Topic' (purple button towards the top of page).

This also stumped me for a bit and I reached out to a Shopify Admin for help.


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Yeah, I wonder how? 

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Are you wondering why you're not able to create posts in the main boards? I think only high level admins are able to post in those threads. 

Is that what you meant?

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You can't add products to a page via the customisation window, nor the page editor. You will have to create products in the Products section on your Dashboard, and tag each product with the collection (or 'page') you want them to show up in. 

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Appreciate a response. But that isn't what I am looking for. They are all needing help on needing customers etc. I do know html, and css although very rusty as it has been years. What I am actually looking for is help on doing some editing to get the pages the way i like them. I've been to youtube, but trying to find a good one that actually does some simple editing is like pulling teeth and if you find one they are leaving some things out.. Most seem to be just how to set up the pages standard. Simple things missing from the free templates till i can get a pre-made one if I will even need to by the time i do some editing will be a while.  Almost all of the freebie ones have issues with cell phones and considering how much shopping is done on one, you need to have a clean one.  Seems to be a lot of complaints about photo and video rendering on them.

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what's the point of having a forum where users can't post problems they are having?!

I have an issue I need help with.  If I can't post in the forun, then send me a direct link to help desk.

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Same problem and I just asked Shopify support, Where we can post.
Here's the link