How to manage cancelled orders still showing as unfulfilled?

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Hi There,

When an order is canclled, it shows as unfulfilled which is very confusing when trying to keep orders to process simple and well organised. We've also tried fulfilling them but they still show as unfulfilled.

How do we clean up these orders so they don't show as unfulfilled?


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OK, Google turned up a bunch of posts the forum search didn't find but we're very confused sorry: Cancelled orders will still show as unfulfilled and it seems like Shopify staff (the ones I saw) think this is logical, expected behavior?

If so, add me to the huge list of frustrated and down-right angry people from those other threads - totally unacceptable.

On the cancel button, why not just add the unfufill function before the cancel function to unfulfill the order before cancelling it? Do we really have to debate this and put in feature requests etc? Just get it sorted.

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We took a bunch of pre-orders 6 weeks ago but because the unfulfilled badge displays incorrect info (see attached), staff, who have now learnt to ignore that badge, missed some orders.


Yes, if the orders list was filtered by unfulfilled, it's likely those orders would not have been missed. But after 25 years training staff and systemising businesses, INCORRECT INFO ALWAYS CREATES CONFUSION - ALWAYS!


So many people have pointed out this UI/UX bug, for the love of God, fix it.


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Definitely, when i cancel an order, that process should AUTOMATICALLY clear the unfulfilled status. Nowhere does it say before you click cancel "would you like to fulfill the order when cancelling"? It is therefore assumed that it will automatically happen.

Build some code into the cancel order function that changes a canceled order to unfulfilled.

Why is there so much manual stuff to do to ensure your store is running properly?

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Does anybody know if there is a work round for this?



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This is absurd and so frustrating! Shopify PLEASE make it an option to cancel the UNFULFILLED tag on cancelled orders!

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Same issue here @Shopify 

3 orders should not be counted in the "Orders" badge. 



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Has Shopify STILL not fixed this issue? It is so irritating. FIX THIS SHOPIFY!!!

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This is so annoying and makes zero sense! It keeps coming up as an unfulfilled order when I don't need or want to fulfil it because its cancelled!

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Just going to try bumping this post up for the fifth year running. Hopefully @Shopify is able to add some feature capable of this ASAP. If there already is a work around please let me know 🙂 

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I'm at least glad to know it's not just me but OMG this has been an issue for YEARS and @Shopify still hasn't fixed it???? Uuuuuuuugh. There's so many aspects of this site that feel like they were specifically designed to create frustration. 

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still no fix for this problem ?

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I agree with everyone here that this is super frustrating. Looking at the orders page and highlighted 'unfulfilled' labels is standard and common sense workflow.


My work around is:

  1. Tag the orders that have been cancelled and remain unfulfilled
  2. Create a search for unfulfilled orders excluding that tag
  3. Save this search as "Unfulfilled" and then use that as the workflow. 

I would prefer that Shopify allow us to mark those cancelled orders as 'Fulfilled' though. 

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Jesus sends his/her love to you!

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Well.. it has been almost 6 years since this was requested of @Shopify ... Is there a way to change the status of cancelled orders yet? It make our unfulfilled statuses look so poor... I want to remove these orders or fulfil them to clear them off of our lists. HELP PLEASE!!!



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Ok not much of an accurate work around, but I just went into 1 cancelled and refunded order(many months ago), I unarchived it, then clicked fulfill,  didn't give tracking info and didn't send customer info and just checked fulfill on the right. It seems to work, it shows as fulfilled.- for me the main issue was I'm using the inventory as which of the orders to fulfill based on what is in stock or just came in - function, a work around for an ERP right now. So, it did take the order out of "committed" inventory, which helps alot- I no longer see the orders with "committed" inventory that are infact, just refunded old orders.