How to migrate from Etsy to Shopify

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Did you know that you can import your products, customers, and order data from Etsy to Shopify? 


Listed below is a high-level overview of the process and where you can go to learn more, as well as reasons why you might want to consider migrating! 


Why should I consider Shopify?


Here are some reasons why you might want to consider Shopify: 


  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Your product pages are focused on your products, not someone else's
  • Shopify Marketing can help you run the ads you want
  • Manage your shop on the go using Shopify app on your smartphone
  • 24/7 phone support, including email and live chat support options
  • The Shopify App store contains over 3700 apps to help you succeed
  • Education and training content such as Shopify Compass


If any of the items above have you excited then it's time to consider migrating! 


How to migrate from Etsy to Shopify 


At a high-level the import process is three steps that guide you through exporting your data, importing it to Shopify followed by reviewing your data to make sure everything is as expected.


For more detail including specifics steps on this process as well as troubleshooting tips review Migrating from Etsy to Shopify within the Shopify Help Center.


When signing up for a Shopify account make sure to indicate you are already selling on Etsy in the signup. This will automatically give you the migration steps in Shopify. If you forgot to indicate this, you can download the migration app on this link

Step 1 - Export your shop data from Etsy 


Within Etsy, export your product, customer, order data, and order items to CSV files. 


Make sure you action any pending orders before exporting this data otherwise a pending order will appear as a completed order post import.


Step 2 - Import your store data into Shopify


Using the CSV files created in step 1 sign into Shopify and install the Import store app followed by uploading the CSV files. 


Step 3 - Review and update your imported data


After the import is complete you will see your product, customer, and order data within the Shopify admin. If you notice some of your content didn't important successfully you'll be able to add these manually.  


To learn more about this process as well receiving guidance should you encounter any difficulty checkout Migrating from Etsy to Shopify within the Shopify Help Center.


After migration 


Don’t forget to let your customers know about your new store! Consider sending a note in each order thanking and encouraging them to bookmark your new website.  


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