How to optimize fulfilment and shipping from the UAE?

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Hi, we just set up our business in the UAE and would like to use Shopify's e-shop functionalities to allow sales in the UAE and the GCC as a first step. What providers do you recommend for shipping *and* fulfilment? The orders are small (10-15 orders per month) and the packages are light (15-30 grams/order). Would appreciate guidance as we look into ways to make shipping / fulfilment as efficient as possible.


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Hello @Halqa ,


The top delivery companies in the UAE are:

- FedEx
- Aramex


These companies are prominent and cover extensive areas in the UAE.


You should communicate with these companies to negotiate favorable shipping rates based on your products and order volume.


If you encounter difficulty securing competitive rates due to a low order volume, consider exploring local delivery companies or businesses that resell postage.


If you opt for FedEx, PluginHive can assist you in obtaining a new FedEx account with upto a 65% discount in UAE, even with a limited number of orders.


If you choose to exclusively use FedEx, the PH Ship, Rate & Track app can integrate with FedEx and automate the shipment process.


If you decide to utilize multiple delivery companies, the PH Multi Carrier Shipping label app can integrate with FedEx, DHL, and Aramex, streamlining and automating the shipment process.

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Couple ideas for low volume that I've used:


a) Amazon FBA: You send inventory to Amazon warehouses, and connect your account to Shopify (with an app like Order Automator) to fulfill your Shopify orders from Amazon inventory.


b) You can reach out to fulfillment services (I've used ShipBob for international orders, our company was based in the US but they have locations in Europe to fulfill in that region). I'm not sure if they have 1 exactly in the UAE but they may have something close and can estimate the cost for shipping.


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Hello! Congratulations on setting up your business in the UAE and expanding into the GCC market. Considering your requirements for efficient shipping and fulfillment services for small, lightweight orders, I would recommend leveraging Amazon's fulfillment services.


Amazon offers a comprehensive fulfillment network that can efficiently handle order processing, packaging, and shipping, ensuring timely delivery to your customers in the UAE and the GCC. With Amazon's vast logistics infrastructure and expertise in fulfillment, you can streamline your operations and focus on growing your business.


To integrate Amazon's fulfillment services with your Shopify store and automate the order fulfillment process, I recommend using Amazon MCF by WebBee. This solution seamlessly connects your Shopify store with Amazon's fulfillment network, allowing you to fulfill orders directly from your Shopify dashboard. This integration will also help you optimize shipping costs, improve order accuracy, and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

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