How to remove 'Also Bought' collection name from product page?

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Hi there!

We had hired this developer previously who did some not helpful things to our site, but that's not the point of this - just a heads up! It should be simple for us to do, but it's not.

So issue is - if you see here on our product page for example: - we named the 'Style With' collection as 'Also Bought' but really, it's just a collection we plopped in there. Instead, we want to remove this section, and then add the app 'Also bought' there for real data. 

Problem is - when I hide the 'Style With' collection (that we named also bought) in the product page on the site customizer - this still shows up that says 'Collection's Name' . It doesn't let me post a picture here to show you, but essentially the name 'Also Bought' still stays there.

How do I remove this?

Thank you!

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