How to send custom form details via email using a submit button?

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I have created a custom form so customers can input details for a custom product.

im struggling on how to make the submit button send me a copy of the form to my email or just send me the whole page if its easier. 

Can anyone help?

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I'd normally use this trick, i'll give it a form of type contact, and when use this structure, if the user clicks submit, then i get the user details sent to my email. I hope this helps you.
form 'contact' %}
<input name="contact[name]" value="{{}}"/>
<input name="contact[email]" value="{{}}"/>
<input name="contact[phone]" value="{{}}"/>
<button type="submit">Submit</button>
{% endform%}
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Hey Mishaeld, Thanks for the reply.

I copied and pasted that code to test it but when i click the submit button it doesn't do anything expect show 404 not found error. Do i need code or something for the button to work? 

Thanks for your help

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Did you ever figure it out? I have a similar issue