How to set up browser caching?

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After checking the speed of my site, Google pagespeed insight show me that i need to browser cache, who can tell me how to do it?

This is my site:

This is very important.

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Hey, there. 

At this time, we don't currently support leverage browser caching as this is not possible with the infrastructure of Shopify.

To provide some context, Shopify's servers are extremely fast, and typically when someone experiences a slow page load, this is due to their local internet connection, and not on the server side, which would seem to be what Google PageSpeed typically targets. That said, the .htaccess file is not accessible within Shopify, however, one of the best ways to increase your page speed is to compress large images found on your site. 

There are also times that the browser caching notice on a speed test will be connected to a specific app you have installed on your store. If you do notice this, you can choose to uninstall the app should it be causing issues with your customer base. Feel free to check out our blog post here & here to learn more about how to optimize your theme!

If there's anything else I can help with please don't hesitate to reply back and I'll happily help out!

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Sorry to renew an old thread but are there any plans or solutions to allow browser caching for shopify? We paid a Shopify recommended web developer to build our website and unfortunately the main priority was to allow customers to enter their vehicle information and then filter the results to specific products they are interested in. The customer can select their vehicle, but once they click on a filter on the sidebar, it forgets what vehicle they selected and shows products for ALL vehicles. Please help...

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The customer can select their vehicle, but once they click on a filter on the sidebar, it forgets what vehicle they selected and shows products for ALL vehicles


@PattersonD This doesn't sound caching related but rather a feature (or flaw) of the user interface/code.

You might want to make a new thread - since it doesn't feel related to this one - and share an example so we've got better context.

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Does Shopify now have a cache solution like wpfc-minified - WP Fastest Cache or W3 cache?




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@PettersonD , Do you have a link to your site? Sounds like something you should have your developer fix. It doesn't sound caching related.
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Your website is very nice! I think I see the issue you're talking about. I
selected my vehicle, then tried to filter the results for that vehicle, but
I end up getting all results. This definitely has nothing to do with
browser caching. So the issue is instead of looking for the filtered parts
in a specific collection (collections/your-chosen-vehicle/your-filter) it's
looking at all the collections (collections/all/your-filter). Your
developer should be able to fix that for you.
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Hello Peter, 


WOuld like to know, if a solution is now provided by Shopify.




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You can use easysearch as a filtering system. You can make as many filtering options as needed. meaning you can have for example:  type car: audi        than it will show next filter serie ( a5) and than model 2021 tfsi1.8 or so.


This tool can be great and easy to set up.

best regards,



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You can likewise empower reserving by indicating lapse, or expiry, times for particular kinds of records, which advise programs how long to utilize a stored asset prior to mentioning a new duplicate from the worker.



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My website is How can i increase speed of it ?