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How to set up location-based inventory in an online store?

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We want to setup Shopify store which is location based. We have multiple physical stores in many locations and the inventory is maintained individually for each store. 

Now, either through any existing app or through custom app development is this possible with Shopify?

When new users come to our store we show a modal popup ( Not closable ) asking them their zipcode. 

After they enter zipcode we remember it via cookies and show inventory based on the zipcode user has entered. 

Thanks in advance

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Hi there!

As you need zipcode level geolocation data of visitors, geo-ip is not applicable which only provides country/state/city level data.

To access your visitors' more precise locations, you may consider use HTML5 geolocation technology. It accesses your visitors' current locations getting the latitude/longitude automatically, while it does require visitors' permission sharing their locations. However, with permission granted, it provides a seamless experience user experience proving the closest shop and its available product inventory. No further input is needed from visitors; it brings local and only relevant product info to visitors immediately. If you are interested, you can read the post on HTML5 geolocation for more details:

While it's possible there might be visitors not comfortable granting permissions of sharing the location , a request for typing their zipcode can be provides for such users. In this way, HTML5 geolocation+zipcode backup solution brings a intelligent and user friendly solutions route visitors to correct shops.  Hope it helps!

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Thanks a lot @MichaelGeo . As you mentioned, I will either get the shop location via HTML 5 Geolocation or Prompt customers to enter their zipcode manually. 

My question now is: In Shopify, how to I maintain the inventory location wise ( As mentioned before we have physical stores in multiple locations ). Is it possible to do in single Shopify store with multi store inventory or do we need to maintain multiple Shopify accounts?

In case we can handle this in a one Shopify account itself, based on the location or zipcode customer has chosen, how will I show the inventory based on the location. 



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Hi Community,

I too am after some advise on this exact issue; geo-directing people to the correct inventory availability within a single Shopify account, therefore avoiding the multiple mirrored account configuration. 

Any advise on how to set this up ?

Many Thanks

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You may take a look at 'Multi Vendor Marketplace'.

Disclaimer:I just joined in, no expert at all in this domain.

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I'm having trouble with this issue as well. Can I ask how you set up a zip code pop up that shows the correct inventory for that location? I have (3) warehouses that need to be attached to appropriate zip codes so the customer can only see inventory in their location (we ship perishable items).

Please let me know if you can help.


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Did you figure this out?