I can't login on my Mac? Safari downloads a file and does nothing more

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Hi Shopify,


I can't log in to my Shopify admin from my Mac on Safari. I had one message when I tried to login saying 'allow Shopify to download' I clicked allow and now instead of logging in successfully, when the browser loads I get a blank screen and a stare login file appears in my downloads, the file is empty when I open it. 


What's happened? I have cleared my cache.


Without being able to login via my Mac and access the admin of my store I cannot process any sales. Quick help would be appreciated. 

Thank you,


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I was having this issue this morning and I am still not sure what caused it. Clearing the cache did not help but removing all cookies, local storage and other website related data did work. To do so go to Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy tab. Then click "Manage Website Data". I simply searched for "Shopify" in the search field and then clicked "Remove All". That should fix the issue. I am using Safari version 15 so if you are on an earlier release the steps might be slightly different but it should still work the same. Hope this helps others who find themselves in this annoying situation.