Inaccurate Seesion tracking

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A clients store has been live 2 months, on 2 days there has been a massive spike in sessions, on the 28th of each month traffic has jumped from around 300-500 sessions to 5000+ sessions, all coming from America. Being an independent store in the remote northeast of Scotland I'm finding this quite strange. I have contacted Shopify and they have attempted a few explanations.

Its real organic traffic
I don't this this is a suitable explanations, strange how it happens on the same day, with traffic from a country we do not ship to or market in, also as it all appears as direct traffic its not like Kim K has posted a link to our store and flooded traffic there.



Its a result of marketing.
We weren't running campaigns on those days, we do not market outside the northeast of Scotland, we only market digitally so I would expect to see a referrer at least.

Its just how shopify tracks sessions

this document would suggest 1 person would visit our site via multiple referrers they will be counted for each referrer, this cant explain it as Shopify's 5000 sessions versus GA's 300-500 sessions would indicate the users would all need to visit our site via 10 referrers minimum each. 


My suspicion is a bot/google crawlers, however I find it strange that a bot would have each individual page view counted as a new session, I would have thought Shopify would exclude known bots as it will massively skew the reports.


has anyone noticed this issue as well, is there something glaringly obvious I'm missing here?

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