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Inclusive Design and Web Accessibility

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Hello community members, is accessibility being included as part of your websites development?



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Accessibility is much important for best user experience.

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I'm trying to find the right accessibility solution to offer more flexibility with my website. My site actually has a large disabled and neurodivergent audience, so I always keep accessibility top of mind. I have both neurotypical and atypical people as well as visually impaired people play around with my site before making any big changes.

Accessibility is a huge deal, and doesn't have to mean that your website has to look any worse. Perhaps it is my own atypical brain, but I find that websites that are more accessible are also more aesthetically pleasing. My site definitely isn't the peak of inclusivity, but all the colors, fonts and the theme are chosen because of the ease of use for all. ( if you want to take a look).

If you have any questions or want more detailed feedback, you can email me anytime at

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Accessibility is very important the quality  ob being reached by your audience, creates big impact.

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