Irish Address Validation

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We've discovered an issue that's affecting our Irish customers who are using Paypal to complete their purchases. Shopify has quite specific validation of the "County" field for Irish addresses, which means that when a customer places an order via Paypal, if they don't have their county set in a specific way, the order cannot be placed. 

For example. A customer who lives in the county of Meath might have the country in Paypal set as "Meath", "County Meath" or "Co Meath" so when they pay with Paypal, any of these counties might be sent to Shopify. But Shopify will only accept the exact name "Meath" and any of the alternatives result in the customer not being able to place their order.

Since the customer can actually leave the county field blank in Paypal, is there a way to not require such strict validation of counties in Irish addresses?