Is anyone else having trouble contacting customer support for their online store?

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Hey all!  I've had Shopify stores for many years, and have received support with a variety of issues during that time.  I need to "contact support" for help changing my bank account because bank was acquired, my routing and account numbers changed, and no combination of the old and new seem to match what I entered when I set up the store.  I suspect I need more zeroes at the front of the account number and/or a hyphen in the correct spot, but alas, I cannot guess the combo.


I have spent literal hours across 4 different days trying to get online support, and nobody has been able to help!  They just say someone will email me, which they have not.  I have tried mornings, evenings, weekdays, weekends, and no luck.  How are y'all getting support when you need it?  Are you looking into other sales platforms, and is anything promising?  Thank y'all!

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One of the easiest ways to get hold of Shopify support (if you don’t require Shopify Expert assistance yet) is to contact them via Twitter -@Shopify and @ShopifySupport.


Give that a try.




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