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Is it possible to convert an wordpress website in shopify store?

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Hi, my brother is a doctor and he has a online store that is related to the dentist and orthodontist products. He want to converts his website to shopify store.  I just want to know that is it possible to convert WP website into shopify store or should I have create a new store for business? I am looking for kind responses. 
Thanks 🙂

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Hi @Jackrobston ,

What services are being offered on the current WP Website? This is will basically be the most important decision here. 

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There are always opportunities for starting a business. The main thing is to use them correctly. This is easiest if you are a dentist. This is one of the most profitable and rewarding destinations. People always need beautiful teeth. There are many examples of this in our country. For example - You have the opportunity to do it. I think that you should study the low about the business opening. Sounds complicated, but people do it. Find start-up capital and get started. I believe that your brother will succeed. Good luck!

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I have a website for comfortable futon mattress, which I have shifted to Shopify. Some of the features work fine and some don't. But you can update it further.