Is receiving a $300 refund for PCI compliance a scam?

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We've been receiving phone calls from "Shopify" about us receiving a $300 refund for being pci compliant.  They call muliple times a day.  is this a scam? or is this a legit thing we should be looking in to?


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Contact shopify support directly , for any scam at all contact said business directly.


Forums are mainly peer to peer, actual shopify staff don't see or interact with every single post.

Meaning if it is a scam then by coming here you set the stage for yet another part of a scam to take place where someone just says it's not a scam ; giving false validation.


It's always a scam if your a merchant using shopify and they are asking for info they should already have, or cannot provide cut and dry ways of verification of who they say the are.

They should have a legitimate callback number that's verifiably owned by shopify.

Same for email, etc.


Same for any other business.


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I have been getting this call also.  When I ask what the organization is and why they have an interest in checking on this information, the lady gets angry and asks me if I want to be overcharged or not, that she's only trying to help me.  After talking to her for a few minutes today and never getting a straight answer, I am pretty sure it is some kind of scam.