Is starting a digital marketing agency with multiple Shopify stores a good idea?

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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing great! So I had some questions in mind. If any of you has some time, please help me out with this 🙌


I was thinking to start up a Digital Marketing Agency in my country, which will target different businesses from all over the country, and offer them services which will include Website Development & Maintenance, Product Listing, SEO Optimization and Advertising. Most of the physical businesses are not into e-commerce yet in my country. I would help them get into e-commerce and charge them for it. Please feel free to help me with my queries:


  • Is Shopify going to be a good choice for this?
  • Which Shopify plan is going to be perfect to meet my needs?
  • Can I create more than 1 store (around 8-10 stores) on the Starter plan or would I have to pick another plan?
  • Can I buy separate domains for each store separately?

And most importantly, Is this really a good business model to put my hands on? Or should I reconsider my idea?


Would be really grateful for your generous suggestions


Thanks ❤️



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