Is the new forum layout less user-friendly?

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The new layout of the forums doesn't seem very user friendly.  At least that is how I am reacting. It seems that so often when sites "improve" an area, it turns out that the new versions are not as good as the old ones. Things that were useful are taken away and things that may be minimally beneficial are added. (Live view is an example--finally got straightened out, but it took a long, long time.)


Things that were shown on the old layout that are now missing:

1. The date/time and name of the the last poster. Instead, only the original post date is shown, which can sometimes be a long time ago. Which is fine--like to see that, but also when and by who the last post was made. (If five posts in a row have the same last responder, it can be assumed that it is someone selling their services.)

2. Easy navigation to the latest post. Before, the last page was clickable right from the thread title. Now, to get there, you have to click on the thread, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and then click on the last page number shown. (This is a real pain.)


It is nice to see the first line of the post, but that seems to be the only improvement for someone like me who just browses the forums to see if there are any problems with the site that they might need to know about.

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Hi there @Sharon_B!


Thanks for taking the time to outline your feedback for us here in the Shopify Community.


I have shared your critical points with our Community team internally, and they wanted to also thank you for this. 


This feedback will be taken on board, and you may see changes in line with any common points we see raised.

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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