Limit Free Product Giveaway (no compulsory purchase, no required user action)

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I want to give away a product totally free, without needing a shopper to enter a discount code, but limit the take up of the offer to once only per customer. 


I've tried thinking about 2 angles:


1. Automatic Discount of 100% on adding the item to the cart.  No way to limit this to one per customer (only one per order).

2. Product priced at 0.00 and limit lifetime order quantity to one per customer, and max order volume to one per order.  Again, I can find apps that support the one per order aspect, but nothing that will prevent the customer re-ordering again and again.


Is there any way to do this economically?  I'm a new store trying to use this for promotion and don't have lots of $$$ to throw at paid apps with high prices or high recurring payments. 


Only one app I can find hints at the automatic discount restriction, but it's $50 one off and $13 per month (when I'm already going to be giving away money with the free product offer, so that's not really viable).


If anyone can offer any help or guidance on a way to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. 


The Customer Experience I'm looking for is:


1. Add free gift to cart (or have it in the cart already) - limited to only one of that item in the cart.  Prevent adding item to cart if have bought item previously. If not logged in, then prevent at checkout if have bought item previously.

2. Go to checkout with only free item in the cart

3. Pop-Up based on the free gift being in the cart ("Enjoy the free gift.  Please consider buying one of our products")


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Hey there, @Stubbo 


Thanks for reaching out today. There are a couple of ways you could accomplish this without a paid app, but the workflow would not be identical to your request.


The most direct solution would be to simply create a regular discount code as it allows you to set customer order limits. I'm not sure who/how you are delivering this free promotion, but if it's specific to newsletter subscribers, then you could include the code clearly in the email with instructions on how to use the discount code (paste at checkout). If it's just a general promotion that you want public, you can always include the discount code in a bar at the top of your page or in a slide.


Alternatively, you can follow the above workflow but instead of saying "here is XYZ code", you can actually use a discount URL link to redirect them to the product with the discount applied. You can share this discount link with your customers via email, social media, etc. This discount will be applied at checkout when customers use this link. Here is a screenshot of where this can be found: 




Let me know if this helps! Otherwise, it may be worthwhile to just go with one of those paid apps you have looked into and remove the app once you are done running the promotion.  If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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It sounds like you might want to reach out to a Shopify Expert for this:

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Hi. I have kind of used the discount solution but since the "customer" is tracked by email then all a customer would need to do to work round this restriction would be to use a different email address. The remaining solution was to "build an app". I'm a developer and new to Shopify development but can i ask what kind of app i'd need to build in order to restrict "one time discounts" to more than just customers email address?

For the project i'm working on i've already created a "private app" in my clients Shopify account and can communicate with the storefront api and am using the JavaScrirpt shopify-buy SDK to create a checkout and apply the discount before i use the webUrl to open the "Shopify" checkout page... where in the process or what kind of app is required to change the way the one time discount checkbox works?


Thanks in advance



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Hello @Stubbo,

Try iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell app. This app has a widget called progress bar which allows you to offer free product for your customers in the cart drawer. After installing the app you can take advantage of 14 days free trial during which you can measure your results on your store after installing this app.

Sajini Annie John |
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Hey @Stubbo ,


Could you share with me the app you used to achieve the second attempt? Also, did you use this app to limit the lifetime purchase of this item or did you use it for something else? I'm trying to do the same thing, but I'm okay if the customer goes to the store again and makes another purchase with a paid item and a free one.