Looking for an upsell app for personalized products?

Looking for an upsell app for personalized products?

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Hello Guys,

iam looking for an upsell app that allows me to upsell / cross-sell personalized products.

My store URL is: motormemories.de

The Plan: i want to upsell the product "personalisierte Handyhülle!" after someone is making a purchase on "Erschaffe dein Kunstwerk!" -> look on the website and you see the mentioned products in the header.

Iam very thankful for any help.

Greetings from germany


- Fabian

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Generative AI has significantly impacted upsell/cross. Traditional recommendation systems often rely on collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, or hybrid approaches, but generative AI introduces a new paradigm with its ability to understand and generate content.


Our CartUp AI recommendation app is built upon Generative AI, and It can analyze not only past purchase history but also user behavior, social interactions, and even unstructured data to more accurate and tailored suggestions for individual users.

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Hey @MotorMemories , If you're looking for an efficient way to upsell and cross-sell products, check out Bevy Design. This app simplifies creating personalized pop-up campaigns with customization options. With this app, you can take advantage of numerous popular pre-made templates that enable you to create your upsell tools in just a few minutes. Additionally, you can use triggers like time-based, scrolling-based, add-to-cart, exit intent-based, and more to get the most out of the experience.

Give it a try, and if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out!


Link of the app - Shopify App Store

For additional information, visit our website: Bevy Design.Triggers.JPG

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