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Losing cutomers at checkout due to confusion about payment methods?

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I have been losing a large amount of customers at checkout, more so than on another website I run, and am thinking a lot of it has to do with customers being confused with payment options. A customer viewing the site when express checkout and or Paypal Express are enabled, may not readily realize that all credit cards are accepted, as it doesn't clearly state that in the template, and only shows the Paypal and Express Payment options.

Most people still pay with traditional credit cards, and may abandon the checkout if that option is not visible (until the last page of checkout). The only place I found were you can list the method of acceptable payments, are on the footer of the page, and many website visitors, may never scroll down to that part.

In order to remedy this, I tried to add the payment options in the FAQ page, but don't think it will be very effective. If no methods of payment showed, people would look at the FAQ to see how to pay. The fact that it shows Paypal and Express Payment options, leaves people to believe that there are no other options, and they don't search the site for a solution. this would be a very easy problem for Shopify to resolve, and I am honestly shocked that they have never bothered to do so, simply adding text "To pay by Credit Card" would resolve the issue.

In order to try and remedy this, I have disabled all express pay options. If anyone had their own experiences with this, and/or came up with a good solution, let me know

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This is a problem for our customers too. We consistently have customers call and ask if we take other forms of payment other than PayPal. As much as I like PP it's not the preferred method of payment for a large percentage of our customers. Were you able to resolve this issue?

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Not really. I created a new tap "Payments" where I explain the different
payment options. I don't know why Shopify does not take care of what should
be an easy fix
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Hello! I had a customer confused about it today. Are you still keeping the express checkouts disabled?


Thanks for your input!

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I continue to have this same issue with many customers. Its just not obvious that you can checkout with a credit card. Way too many abandoned orders because of this. Its interesting that NOBODY FROM SHOPIFY is answering any of these or offering a solution.