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Low stock label in DEBUT

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Hi Everyone,


I need help with setting up a low inventory count to my shopify theme/store for my customers. I use a free them called Debut. However, I do have low stock items that i would love for customers to notice to help incite them to buy before the inventory runs out. If any one has any helpful information about adding a app or custom code to my shopify store/theme, please respond to this forum. I would prefer something that wouldn't necessary show the stock for all items, but the one with low stock.


Catherine Valois

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Hello @ADVSG

I understood the issue. You wish to show only selected products in the store which are limited in stock. You can try out coding to get a badge on your product. Or you can also try out this simple app, which lets you add product badges to your store within minutes.

I have a feeling you’ll love the automation feature of the app. You can automate “Limited Stock” badges and they will show up on your products that are unavailable in your inventory. 

I’m attaching a video here for your reference. 

I’m adding the app LINK here for you to try it out. Let me know if you need any help. 🙂

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