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Has there been any updates or progress on the ability to MERGE CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS that are duplicates?  We have a ton and we basically began online sales in early March.  This is really needed to keep up with past orders and preferences.  We also offer rewards for our repeat customers and this system has really made tracking sales difficult.  



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This 'feature' was just added to Wix.  WIX and not shopify???  C'mon Shopify

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@ShiftSetGoI'm certain it worked like that short after Shopify added it in January but it didn't work like that anymore since February. I've reported it as a bug with Shopify but I haven't heard anything back yet.

If you look at the complete customer list it will show the number of orders. If you move all orders away from an account, it will still show the previous order amount. And on the customer timeline it will also show the orders still. That's probably the reference it still has to the order and therefor you can't remove the customer.

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I remember leaving Square to come to shopify because there were basic functions that they left go unattended for years. Yet somehow they have had the ability to merge duplicates since day 1. I can see me leaving shopify for the same reason.

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It's been a couple of years, have your devs fixed this issue yet? It is a serious problem for us as well and frankly I'm tired of having to spend so much time on "working around" it. 

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Doesn't matter how duplicates happen, matters that we can MERGE them when it does. 🙂 Seriously, doing the right work is making them mergable. Just removing the barrier when I try to change customer X's info on one of their "extra" accounts could work. It won't allow me to add an email address for that customer if it's "already in use." Remove that baloney from the admin side and we all win. 

The duplicates happen when a customer orders and somehow the system didn't catch their email, or when they order with different email addresses, or when they order with just a phone number.

Some of my customers have 3-4 accounts at this point... Of course it's the better customers that I want to treat well but cannot do so in any reasonable fashion. 

Time to spend more time on this than whatever you're spending dev time on yet? 

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Still waiting on the 'simple' feature to be added, so I don't have to buy another freaking app....

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At the very least, would it be possible to add how many purchases a customer has made next to their name when we call them up on the POS? For example, if a person has six duplicate accounts (which is now the reality with tapping credit cards), if there was a number of orders next to the name (John Smith (40 orders)), we would no longer need to hunt for their correct order. As it stands, we have to open each account while the customer stands there just to be sure we are putting their order under the correct account.  It is quite frustrating for both of us. In my area, people loathe giving out their email address to yet another store so we don't often have them for accounts.