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It looks like I'm not the only one seeking to merge duplicate customers.  It seems this has been requested for years now with Shopify claiming it's too complicated.  I used Square for years before moving to Shopify and while there aren't too many things I miss about Square the ability to merge customers is one of them.  If it's not too complicated for Square to do it then how is it too complicated for Shopify which is certainly a more powerful platform/POS than Square?  

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agreed - this is a feature that i need, and my customers want.
(too complicated? for the folks who built an entire online ordering and shipping platform??)

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Replying to this thread as well about merging customer accounts. WE NEED THIS FEATURE!

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Any word on whether this is in the queue? 


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We really NEED this Shopify 

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I found this method to merge customer data on Shopify, hope it's useful for you.

By the way, If you have any trouble while doing business on Shopify, this website: Avada Commerce would be useful for you. 

Hope it helps!

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The note above does not remedy the problem of duplicate customers in Shopify. The title is "Merging Shopify’s customer data with Repeat Customer Insights analysis" which is not what is requested. 


The request is for  a way to merge two Shopify customers into one record. 


We need it too!

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Hello, Community Members! Thank you for starting, and contributing your concerns to this thread. 


I can understand how being able to merge customer accounts would be helpful. Therefore, what I can do for you, is submit feature requests to our developers on your behalf so that they are made aware of this, and we can hopefully get it put onto their to do list.


In order to properly relay your specific requirements for this feature, I’d really appreciate it if you could reply within this thread with more information as to how it is impacting your particular business. For example: 


  • Do you have customers who have placed POS orders and online orders, but end up with two different customer accounts?
  • Is this impacting your reporting? (ie. issues caused by typos)
  • Are you needing to fully understand how much your large wholesale customers are spending?
  • Do you have multiple customer accounts from the same POS, where the buyers have been using different credit cards?
  • Have your customers purchased subscriptions through one email, and new orders through another email address?
  • Do you find your customers are using both a work and home email, but ordering from both, in which case you’d like to have them show up as one distinct customer?


Thanks for your cooperation!

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks for reaching out!

We are primarily users of Shopify's *POS *system and duplicate customer
creates a problem at the register when customers would like to make a
return or exchange and have misplaced their receipt. The cashier may have
to comb through past orders of several customers to find the order, reprint
the receipt and then scan the QR code to use it for payment. It's very

Why duplicates are being created is not clear to me. I thought cashiers
must have been having trouble locating customers, but there are SO many
duplicates that I don't think this is the case.

Regarding customers using different credit cards - does this apply only to
online ordering or also to POS transactions? i.e. if an existing customer
comes to the reg, the cashier pulls up their customer record and adds them
to the order and the customer uses a different card than the last time,
will this created a new customer record?

We do have customers with multiple emails, so it would be helpful to be
able to add more than one email to a customer record.

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That does sound cumbersome, @CVT! An email address is the unique identifier for a customer account, and only one email address can be associated with a customer account. So the easiest way to search for a customer on the POS is by their email address. That being said, the POS shouldn't be creating duplicate accounts for the same customer, unless they’ve given different email addresses each time they’ve purchased. Have you checked to see if this is the case with each duplicated account? Let me know what you find out, and if there are duplicates of customers with the same email address, we certainly need to look into this further for you.

In regards to the customer using different credit cards, the POS can detect a card that was previously used. It doesn't save/store the card details anywhere, but rather it depends on what information is made available by the customer's bank. That's why you may have noticed that on some orders that were made as a guest through your POS (meaning without an account), show the customer’s name on the order; The information is being provided from the customer’s bank, since that card was used previously. The credit card used for online orders on the other hand, are mostly impacted when using Shop Pay, since the Shopify checkout does not store customer’s credit card information. A customer’s Shop Pay account is separate from their Customer account for your store.


Moving forward, I have submitted a feature request now on your behalf for merging customer accounts when multiple email addresses are used. Although I can’t promise when or if this feature will be implemented, I recommend keeping an eye on the Shopify Changelog. All recent updates to the platform are posted here, so this will be the best place to find out about any updates regarding the ability to merge customer accounts. 


Let me know if I can help with anything else!

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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