My Shop was Shut Down by Etsy ~ How to start over??

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Long Story Short ~ Etsy booted me because I was selling a Hello Kitty Bracelet.  I bought the charm thru an Etsy shop and I was not aware of the infrigment laws of reselling it on a piece of jewelry I made.  My Bad!  No excuses.  But my Shop on Etsy was so profitable the last couple years that I quit my day job.  I now have nothing but tons of inventory.  I love what I do so I want to make a go of it on Shopify but I have been up and running for a month and I do not know why I am not getting the sales I was on Etsy.  Is it my shop?  My pictures?  I use $5.00 a day on Ad Words. (All I can afford).  Please help with suggestions.  ~ Jules at

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From the research that i have gathered Etsy appears to be quite something else... i remember reading about claims that it was not just Etsy involved in different types of tricky situations but moreso, some of the other shop owners too. This was used as a way of eliminating potential competitors. I am really sorry that you had to go through this.

I have worked so hard to be where i am today. Anything is possible with a positive mind.
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Even I was also shut down due to copyright! Thanks for the suggestions :)

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J'ai le même problème avec ma boutique en ligne

Toujours pas de réponse?

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I thought that to, however they have your IP address (which can block IP address locations) however you can't change your social security number and they require it.